Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More and More like Christmas

I think I am finally done decorating our house...I love coming home to the glow of christmas lights, so I put them everywhere. You saw my front door, and my kitchen and tree, here are a few more shots of the decor...

This is the view from the head of my dinner table...my seat actually. I love how the lights look thru the sheer curtains...

Here are some close ups of the centerpiece I created this year:




This is a wall vinyl that I picked up at Kohl's. It looks much bigger on the box...but cute none the less. It doesn't stick very well to my textured walls...but I like it. It was hard to get on too...I don't think I would recommend it. They do however come off of the wall very easliy, but I don't think they are reusable:



This is a greeting tree...they are about $40 in the Pottery Barn catalog, but I picked this one up after Christmas last year for under $5...my kind of deal!  Oh, and you can see my fabulous brother's handmade cards in this shot...the ones with the cute snowmen...





Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Emily said...

Very Very beautiful. I also love the lights hanging behind the sheer curtains, I'm putting that on my list for next year. I see you come from a talented family love your brother's christmas card too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Live.Love.Eat said...

So all the creativity runs in the family, cool!!! Everything looks beautiful. Your brother's cards from years past were nice. I should have told him so.

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

I LOVE seeing other people's homes! I like your glass dining room table and the card tree holder is great. I've also done the lights behind the sheer curtains before and it makes a beautiful addition.
P.S. I found a small glass cake pedestal today at TJ Maxx! Yeah!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, great decorations Marcie! (I just realized I didn't get all my stuff up this year. But with my kids being sick I guess I just forgot, dang it!)