Friday, June 19, 2009

Farmer's Market Grill

My friend Lon told me about Fresh Field Farm a few weeks I had to check it out. One day, I am going to take photos inside because I always love what I see. I have a huge smile on my face looking at all the gorgeous produce. This is just a portion of what I picked up on my first trip:

Gorgeous huh! Anyway, my friend Kristy came over and we got to cooking.

I have NEVER cooked artichokes...and I had to buy these. they were like $1 a piece and HUGE! I needed some help, so I looked on the Food Network and found this video by Chef Anne Burell on how to peel and prep the artichokes. I just went as far as the preping and peeling...I kept my artichokes whole.

So, got them peeled, I boiled them in salted water for about 25-30 min. Just to soften them.

Then we got all of the rest of the veggies on the grill. Aren't the colors GREAT?!

I also picked up some NY Strip steaks at the Farmers Market, and Kristy marinated them with some fresh garlic, olive oil and herbs de province that my friend Steve brought back from Cannes for me.

I then cut the parboiled artichokes in half and put them on the grill for some char. Kristy also made a vinagrette that she brushed onto the veggies as soon as they came off of the grill. I will have to ask her what was in was amazing.

When the steaks were done, Kristy put them on a bed of fresh large leaf arugula from Whole Foods...THIS WAS SO GOOD!! I guess I have always had baby arugula...well if you love that flavor...try this mature version...the flavor is so strong and delicious!

Kristy brought over some Steak House wine from her new find The Wine Barn, and we sat for a great meal...we moaned over every bite! We didn't even have any starch..straight up meat and veggies and we didn't miss it either!

Always have to end the night with esspresso...I picked up these rock candy sticks...very nice way to serve your coffee.

Find your local farmers market and enjoy!


Claudine said...

It all looks great! Isn't it wonderful that it is farmers market season again. I could go just to take pictures and look at all the amazing colors. The peppers look good enough to eat through the screen!

sportzmom said...

Looks wonderful! Cheesecake Factory makes awesome grilled artichokes and on a recent trip to Napa, we were able to find them all over the place. I was on a quest to find the best grilled artichoke. I have been trying to duplicate those at the Rutherford Grille...still working on it! Happy Friday.

Sabra said...

Beautiful. Now, I need an artichoke.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

yummy yum yum!

Ginette said...

Hey-I happened upon your blog and glad I did. I love enteries like this. We're heading to our local farmer's market this weekend and I planned on blogging it. Your food looks Y-u-m-m-y! How did the artichokes turn out?

Live.Love.Eat said...

What a beautiful feast!!!! I have to google that Fresh Field Farms since I am in the same neck of the woods.