Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making Butter

Have you ever thought about making your own butter? I hear people on FoodNetwork saying don't whip up your cream too much or you will make butter...I didn't realize that it would look like this...and that the liquid you extract from the cream is the buttermilk and the rest is the butter cool is this...easy enough to try I say!

I would love to try this and make a few compound butters from it...butter freezes really well and it would probably be really delicious! I will let u know when I do.


A Touch of Country said...

my daughter's preschool teacher showed us how to take heavy cream that you buy in a carton. Pour into a tupperware container with a lid.

Shake and shake and shake. It'll harden in a few minutes of shaking.

It's very good but not salted.

Very fun!

Sabra said...

We made butter about two weeks ago. My husband had more fun than the kids doing it.

Claudine said...

marcie, it is so easy and so good. Toss it into the kitchen aid and give it a few minutes. It will "pop" when it is ready and the buttermilk has come out. it will perfect on your homemade bread :)