Monday, August 18, 2008

Girl's Nite Out

I hosted a cocktail party for some of my friends last year, and just found some of the are some of the highlights:

Girls Party Buffet

The Buffet turned out great...key is white plates, I have a TON of white plates, and they make the food look so great. Simplicity, clean lines, I have learned a lot from older parties I have had, where too much goes on the me, this is much more impactful.

I think I saw this recipe on Giada, where she made savory parmesan polenta cakes, then topped them with a chicken salad with cranberries on top. These were really good, and looked amazing on the plate.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Mushrooms with a soft herb cheese and roasted red pepper stuffing...simple and delicious.

My Asian Wings
I make these wings for gatherings just like this. Love the look of the black and white sesame seeds. These are simple...just marinade for a few hours or overnight, then bake in a hot oven. No kind of recipe.

Chocolate Fountain
For dessert at a girls cocktail party, the chocolate fountain is a must! I bought this a few years ago, and I use it ALL THE TIME! A great investment and a huge hit at a are a few more shots.

Chocolate Fountain
I dressed the table with some chocolate satin fabric, that I just billowed under the fountain, and used clear glass dishes to hold the various goodies to dip into the chocolate.

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Not just a Mommy! said...

Friday I'm having a Mamas and Martini party with a chocolate fountain; I've never used it before, but I agree, once I start, I know I'll never be able to go back!