Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween Leftovers

I have finally got all of my Halloween decorations put away...that was like the end of Christmas...I have 5 big bins filled with stuff!

I did find some things I didn't post so I wanted to share those now...then I am done with Halloween till next year!

This was the set up I put above my kitchen:

I bought the Martha Stewart pom pom kit for above my buffet....they looked great, and were so easy to make, I bought some more tissue paper and made more. We put these in the living room and and above the chocolate fountain.

I also made Cup Cake Pops...that I totally forgot to put out! have you ever done that??

I also made these marshmallows dipped in graham cracker crust for my chocolate fountain they do at the Melting Pot Fondue simple, and a nice detail:

Just set up a little bowl of water, and one of the crumbs....dip in water then dip in the crumbs...and set on a piece of parchment to dry...then you can put into a plastic bag to keep them fresh. You can also do this with the chocolate wafer cookies.

I haven't posted 2008 photos yet, but I wanted to share my website for our party....this has all of the past years, and soon the newest photos...I didn't share it before, because I was kind of embarrased at the buffet tables I set up in the past, and I wanted to really strive to have a different look....and I think I succeeded in doing that, so now you can all see! :)


Goodbye it is time to get baking! I have lots of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years festivities to prepare...stay tuned!

xoxoxo - Marcie


Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome! Love the little cupcake ghosts!!

Jennifer said...

Kind of sad to see Halloween gone, but am definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Angela H said...


I love your decorating! I am planning early this year for our
3rd annual halloween party, and your site has been a wonderful inspiration!

Thank you