Friday, November 14, 2008

On to the next bash (or shall I say BASHES)

So, fresh off of Halloween, I am planning 4 parties in a row! For work that is. There is a huge tradeshow in town for the Attraction Industry (IAAPA) beginning Monday. My company sets up a hospitality suite to entertain in each night after the show. This isn't bad...we do it every year and it is pretty common, a bit of food and drink...nothing special.

Well this year, we are trying to make it more, for each night, we are theming the a different decade. Monday is the 60's, Tuesday is the 70's, Wednesday is the 80's, and Thursday is music of the 90's and beyond. This is the invite I designed. We printed these on little credit cards and mailed them in velvet pouches, tucked inside little gold boxes, tied with a black ribbon.

My office is filled with lava lamps and love beads, peace signs, movie posters, candy of the era, pacman, rubix cubes...I am even donating my own disco ball to the cause! What I love about things like this is I get to go hog wild in places like World Market and Whole Foods for wine and food with my corporate credit kind of heaven!

So needless to say, I will be super busy for the next week...I am already tired just thinking about it...and I worry a lot, I don't know why, because I have a team of 5 people helping me make this happen and we have done so much already...just my nature.

I might not get a lot of opportunities to blog for the next week...but I will definitely share photos when I can. I will miss you, my little blog and blog friends...stay tuned...


Live.Love.Eat said...

Definitely right up your alley. Cool for you and good job on the invite. Have fun with it!!!!

Hage Family said...

wow...what an awesome job! I would so be all over fun! I'm sure it will turn out just spectacular!

Jennifer said...

Girl, you are just busy!!! :))