Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Bash

Well I would call our 4th of July party a jolly old time. We almost got rained out, but we had great food and a good group, so it turned out just fine. Here are a few highlights:

My Flag Cake

The Spread


Viviana and Garland

The Pool

Jello Shots Anyone?

Todd & Andrea

Firecrackers are fun!

Fire Below!

Welcome to the Gun Show

Gun Show Part Deux

The New Bar


Dena said...

For the love!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcie said...

hahah! what! the guns?? haha It is a great pic!

Vivi said...

Ok, so this bash felt like a welcome back from the dead celebration to me, it was the best time with my favorite people like it used to be :-)!!! This cake recipe should be copywrighted. I don't know what you put in there Marcie, but as a sweet connoisseur, I have to say I'm very particular about cake and THIS ONE "takes the cake" fo'sho'!!!!

Vivi said...

by the way Dena...... love the guns!!! :-)