Monday, September 29, 2008

Countdown to Pikelween: Decor

So, I am prepping for my big halloween last name is Pikel (PIE-KEL) and 5 years ago, we dubbed this party Pikelween, not even sure why, but it is kind of funny to hear other people call it Pikelween instead of Halloween...

Here are some of my favorite things from Pikelween's past:

My Martha witch is in the front yard. My husband groaned a bit when I asked him to help me make her, but he loves her now. She just looks so cool! Last year, my awesome neighbor and friend Heath put this high power flood light behind her and coupled with the $20 fog machine we picked up at Walmart a few years was so awesome!!

I had this big blank wall last year, so I printed and cut out Pikelween in big creepy letters (8.5x11 sheets of regular paper).

These are a Martha Idea. I bought these cute little glass eyes at Dept. 56 last year, and they fit perfectly in the holes I cut for the eyes...totally transformed them. They have so much expression!

I saw the Martha caution labels at Michaels, and they were so simple, so I just made my own and printed them on sheets of label paper.

You can see the letters I cut out in the background of this photo. I had a black light in the light above the edges of the letters were glowing. So effective and it was FREE!

The wreath I made for my front door.

My gorgeous glittered pumpkins. I LOVE THESE. They are so sparkly and l can't recommend enough, if you haven't gotten on the glitter bandwagon...get on it! So worth it, and Martha's glitters are just like diamonds! I am addicted!

I found this sign at HomeGoods last Halloween and I use it to theme my bathroom as the Bat Room, I put bat cut outs all over the walls. This year, I am putting up glittered bats! That boa wasn't part of my decor...just a reminent of someones costume...oh and don't you love my Pikelween towel...a gift from my dear friend Dena at Written In Thread. She actually made me a few of these and they were the gifts for our costume contest. They didn't have Pikelween on them, but were Halloween cute. People loved them.

I have been moving more towards Halloween decor that looks more like real items you would have in your house already...I stopped going to those pop up Halloween shops...they are just gory and everything looks cheap. I found one of the skulls in this pic at Target, and the other at HomeGoods, both under $10. The little skull under glass was a bit pricy, but I had to have it! I is actually a salt and pepper set! It is from Dept. 56. I love him!

I am working on a website that should be up in a few days with all my pics...I will be sure to post the link so you can see the amazing costumes!


Live.Love.Eat said...

This is so awesome. I love people like you who go all out for Halloween. One day I would like to do a little something but I think the real fun is gathering all these cool things over the years and having a tradition. So cool!!!!!!

Not just a Mommy! said...

I love how you made the holiday your own, with great family traditions! Inspiring pix, I may have to "borrow" a few!. Thanks for the post over at Create My Event, it's fun to here from fellow event makers and shakers.

Jennifer said...

I have heard all about your parties but have never seen the pictures, great decorations!!

denise said...

I am loving all your party decor. I also love that you decorate with items that would already be in your home just with a spooky edge. I'm not a fan of gore and guts - it's why I love Disneyland's Haunted Mansion - something can be spooky with out blood.

I can't wait to see pictures from this years party.

Natalie said...

Hi There,

First time here, followed you from little ant and OMG what a smashing party. I am a "party" person and I can totally appreciate what you have done here. FABULOUS!!!