Saturday, September 20, 2008

Easy Flower Centerpiece

I am so not good at arranging flowers, so this is just my style. When my brother Louis was visiting, we found this HUGE glass bowl at the Pottery Barn. It was originally priced at $49. I got it for $11.99! WHAT! Exactly.

Louis thought I shouldn't pass up the deal, and I totally agree! I think if we were in his town, he would have taken it for himself. It is so heavy!

When Steve and Gina came over, they brought me a bouquet of beautiful gerbera dasies, so, I pulled a few out to make this arrangement for dinner the next night.


I picked up the little glass ice cubes a few years ago at Old Time Pottery, which is a big warehouse of joy! Haha... I have used them quite a bit. They add sparkle and reflect light from candles. Perfect to just scatter down the center of a table like I did here:

Girls Party Buffet

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Jennifer said...

I suck at center pieces. I need to come up with a new fall one for my formal dining table and just can't get creative~!