Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ragout Stew

I saw a Rachel Ray episode where she made a stew using sausage and peppers as the base, then added chicken stock to make it a stew. The recipe began very similar to the way I start my weekly pasta dish:

I use ground turkey everytime
I add a whole sliced onion and 3 cloves garlic finely diced
If I have any zucchini, that goes in, same with bell peppers (only yellow, orange or red, I don't like green very much) and mushrooms. I let all of the veggies cook and get good color on them. I add some crushed red pepper, dried oregano salt and pepper. I then add a can of crushed tomatoes...or jarred pasta sauce.

I let that simmer together on low for while my pasta cooks, then I add it all together and dinner is served.

Anyway, I thought I could take my pasta recipe and make it into a stew like Rachel

Ragu Stew

To make this stew, I made my sauce as described above...then added chicken stock, a can of corn, a box of elbow macaroni, and to make it more like Pasta Fagioli, a can of white beans. I served it with shaved parmesan on top. This could easily be made vegetarian by leaving out the ground turkey.

So good!

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