Monday, September 1, 2008

Pikelween V?

For the last four years, we have had a Halloween party (that we somehow dubbed "Pikelween"). A party with 30 - 40 of our friends, that is a lot of fun, but almost kills me. I think I try to hard...I want everything to be perfect, and almost always, something doesn't get finished, or my costume takes too long for me to get into as the party begins...just a little stressful for me. So early last year, I decided to take a break for 2008.


My brother Louis and Brian were visiting this weekend from Ohio, and we took a trip to the Mall. In the window of Pottery Barn, we saw the most amazing table set for a Halloween feast and had to go in for a closer look:

This is a glass glitter encrusted skull that is so gorgeous! I am making these...I already ordered some vintage glass glitter and these will be on display for the Halloween season:

These photos don't do this justice.

The table setting also had these AWESOME fang place card holders that were so unique.

Now, I don't have a formal dinner for Halloween, but I can use them to identify the food on my buffet. I had to have some, so I grabbed 2 and started heading towards the checkout...and before I knew it, Louis and Brian distracted me and bought me a set of 6!! I love you guys, thanks so much!!

So...back to Pikelween...I keep on getting sucked back in!!! All of this stuff is amazing, and it totally makes me wanna!

I learn a whole lot every time I host any kind of party, every party is a learning experience, putting the right people together, planning the menu, shopping, decorating, setting the table, do we have group many things to consider. I think that I could rock this one out of the park. Now that I have this blog, I feel like I have to host Pikelween V. Paul says lets just do this last one and take a break...

I am making plans here and there, because, Halloween is kind of like Christmas in my house, I deck the halls! So even if I don't do the party, I will have amazing decor.

Oh...what will I to do???
Stay tuned...

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denise said...

Thanks for your comments on my guest post over at Create My Event. I hope you'll come on over and visit me on my new party blog

I wanted to check out your blog and I'm so impressed with your ideas for great entertaining. I was especially thrilled to read this post about your Halloween Party. I know exactly how you feel - We were doing a party every year but it is so easy to get burnt out. I took two years off but then did a big shindig last year. If you are interested in seeing pictures head on over to

to check out some pictures of our party.

I plan to check back here often to see what you are up to if thats ok. I love seeing how everyone celebrates!