Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pretty Desserts!

I just love the way these desserts are presented. I do the dessert shots a lot. I go to the bakery at my local grocery store, and buy the one serving desserts, key lime pie, tiramisu, cheesecake and Tres Leches cake and pile them into shot glasses. People love them. They get a little bite of sweet...and get to try a few. I am going to try a good key lime recipe, I really like how it is layered in this picture. Love the cake stands too...I kind of have a cake stand obsession...we are having our house painted this week, so all my stuff is down off of the shelves, but once I get everything back in it's place, we will talk about cake stands...tags and ribbons are adorable on these, and so easy to do!

Oh and how easy are those mini cupcakes...I usually do those with a slice of strawberry on the top or three little blueberries, but I LOVE the raspberries...gonna try that one, maybe for 4th of July? My get togethers are becoming so far and in between that I have to cram in tons of food just to try them, then I make myself is a vicious cycle!

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