Sunday, June 22, 2008

Warm Caramel brownies a bust!

OK, so I made those brownies that I recommended in an earlier post...and they sucked! I think it could be corrected if I actually followed the instructions! Be sure to make the brownies cake-like as instructed....and don't be to eager to stick in the Rollo's...otherwise, the brownies will never set. I would also reduce the amount of brown sugar. I will try them again, but I will play close attention. See I am not perfect...some days just get a bit to ambitious for me...and my husband drags me all over home depot looking for a switch plate, and then I have to rush to get dinner done...good or's just another day in a life made by Marcie.

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Dena said...

It's nice to know you're human when it comes to cooking in the kitchen! No worries, it's just another excuse to make them again!