Saturday, June 7, 2008

Inspiration is so hard to find....

I am in a funk. Work has really taken it out of me. When you are paid to be creative, it is hard to save a little bit for yourself. I haven't been in the mood to cook, or craft, or have a is making me sad. I just came off of a long run of traveling and event planning, and it has burnt me out. I feel like I am just sitting...staring at the wall, wasting time. I watch a million cooking shows, but nothing is inspiring me.

I just came back from vacation, and I just starting to feel the "it's time to have a party" I am trying to snap out of it...I LOVE to do this, what is wrong? I am just going to try to stay positive. So, my next party will be for 4th of July. Just the neighbors and a few friends. I don't want 20 people here...I want a manageable party that I can have fun at.

Planning my menu now...stay tuned.

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