Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Glittered Skulls

So, I am so glad I decided to start prepping for Halloween so early. There is so much to be done! I really try to fit it in wherever I can. I have a tray set up with everything on it, so when I find sometime, I just pull out the tray and get started.

Viviana and Dena offered to help me get some glittering done...
Halloween Prep 2008

See...It is lots of fun! It wasn't like I set up a glitter sweatshop! :) I even gave them wine!
Halloween Prep 2008

Halloween Prep 2008

Halloween Prep 2008

They helped me glitter all my bones and 3 skulls...I still have 4 skulls left...they take a LOT of glitter...but they are so gorgeous!

I found this old compote dish in my closet, and I was going to put it in the yardsale...cuz it is sterling silver, and it is always tarnished, and I honestly have no time for that...

Halloween Prep 2008

which is why it has been in my closet for years! But I got the idea to spray paint it...BLACK for Halloween....much better...and with my skull and bones...GORGEOUS!


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denise said...

I have been MIA lately but I had a few minutes to visit some blogs and I'm so glad i stopped by here. your Halloween prep i moving along beautifully - I love all the projects you have been working on. I have no doubt that your party is going to be spooktacular! Be sure to post pictures.