Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pikelween: Setting The Table

In planning my table this year, I wanted to do a black and white theme...and I kept seeing these lucite boxes that were illuminated from the inside:

So I thought I could try to give my own table this look. I simply took two table lamps and put them under my table, used a large table cloth to cover, and there you go...instant glow:

glowing table


denise said...

This is an awesome idea! Your table looks great. Can I post this picture on my blog over at Little Ant? I seriously love this idea.

Abi Normal said...

What an effect! Your idea is stunning to say the least! And your table setting is very moody and gothic.

I'm on the edge of my seat to see the rest of your design ideas for the part!

denise said...

Marcie...I posted about your table design on Little Ant Design. Thanks for letting me share it. I love this idea and just wanted others to see it as well.

Jen said...

Found your site via Little Ant Design. Love all your ideas. Can't wait to see the halloween party pictures.