Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blood Dripping Candles: How To

I have noticed as we get closer to Halloween, people have been searching for Blood Dripping Candles and coming to the post I made a few weeks ago.

I actually made mine today, and made this how-to vid:

This is so simple! Try it. Here is the final product:

I am already starting to set my is still early and nothing is final, but this is how it is shaping up so far...


Dena said...

You are such a rockstar! I'm picking up 3 more ice blocks this week while I'm in Jax so factor those into your set up if you have a use for them.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome!!!! I started setting up my table for my Mother's Day extravaganza 2 weeks before so I could look at it each day and just get inspired. So I think you rock for doing that!!!!

Johnny Love said...

Fantastic display!!! Everything's looking great. I've looked everywhere for those twisted candelabras, but Illuminations doesn't have them this year (they have a 5-candle one). Maybe next year!